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Did you know winter tires are not just for snow?

Winter tires are made of a special rubber compound that allows it to have better traction in cold weather as well as snow. Cold weather is anything under 7 degrees Celsius. By switching to winter tires you not only get the best tire for the colder winter season you also extend the life of your all season tires. So if you expect to have your vehicle for 100,000 km or more, chances are you will need to purchase a second set of tires while you own this vehicle, and by purchasing the winter tires when you purchase your vehicle you can include the cost of them in the financing.

Did you know that Winter Tires aren't just for winter?

Posted by Burlington Hyundai on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tire rebates for winter 2017:

Goodyear, Dunlop Kelly- up to $100 off Oct 1 – Dec 31

Pirelli- up to $100.00 rebate Oct 1 – Dec 15

Yokohama- $70.00 rebate Sept 15 – Dec 15

Continental, General Gislavad – up to $65.00 rebate Oct 15 – Dec 15.

Toyo – up to $70.00 rebate Sept 16 – Dec 15

Kumho – up to $40.00 rebate Oct 1 – Dec 29

Michelin – $70.00 rebate Oct 13 – Dec 15