New Vehicle Warranty

New Vehicle Warranty Options at Ontario’s Burlington Hyundai

Not only does Hyundai manufacture incredibly safe and advanced vehicles packed with features and performance capability, it offers them at impressively competitive price points. Is there a way that we could sweeten the pot further? Of course there is—the range of Hyundai New Vehicle Warranty Options. Featuring some of the top warranty options on the market today, you can purchase a new or pre-owned Hyundai from our Burlington dealership and drive forward with unwavering confidence in your vehicle.

Confidence Comes Standard In A Hyundai!

Not only are Hyundai vehicles some of the safest on the market, with new safety and technology features being added every model year, but they also come complete with some of the best warranties on the market.

By simply purchasing your new or certified pre-owned Hyundai vehicle at Burlington Hyundai—we like to call them Burlington Hyundai Originals—you’ll be able to enjoy the premier vehicle warranty options offered alongside these premier vehicles!

Better yet, by purchasing your parts and accessories at Burlington Hyundai and having them installed by our team, not only will you save on time (and often price), they’ll also be covered by the Hyundai Replacement Parts and Replacement Accessories warranties. Check out the tables below to learn more about what’s included, or take a peek at your vehicle’s Hyundai Service Passport.

The Range of Hyundai Warranties

Warranty Type Comprehensive Limited Powertrain Protection Basic Emissions Coverage Major Emissions Coverage

(some components covered for less time/mileage)

5 Years/ 100,000 km 5 Years/ 100,000 km 5 Years/ 100,000 km 8 Years/ 130,000 km
Includes (but not limited to):


Almost every new vehicle component

Repair or replacement

Radio & sound systems




Most engine and transaxle components

Replacement of powertrain components

Basic emission components Major emission control components (including catalytic converter, engine control module, Onboard Emissions Diagnostic Device)

Warranty Type 24 Hour Roadside Assistance Replacement Parts Replacement Accessories Anti-Perforation Warranty

(some components covered for less time/mileage)

5 Years/ Unlimited km (all models 2015 & newer)

3 Years/ Unlimited km (models 2014 & older)

1 Year/ 20,000 km 3 Years/ 60,000 km 5 Years/ Unlimited km
Includes (but not limited to):


Towing services
Flat tire changing
Battery boosting
Covers genuine Hyundai replacement parts purchased from and installed by authorized Hyundai dealerships Covers genuine Hyundai accessories purchased from and installed by authorized Hyundai dealerships Covers perforation due to corrosion
Excludes surface corrosion

The above is only a rough guideline for the time (or mileage) of each warranty, as well as the services included. Please refer to your Hyundai vehicle’s Service Passport for complete details related to all Hyundai Warranties. Also note that the Hyundai 24 Hour Roadside Assistance Program is a complimentary service that is subject to being amended or cancelled at any point in time, without any refunds or reimbursements. If you have any other questions related to your Hyundai or its warranty, don’t hesitate to give us a call or reach out via the form below.