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The Burlington Hyundai Tire Store

Since we consider ourselves a one-stop shop for everything automotive in Burlington, it makes sense that we’d carry a wide selection of hand-picked tires perfect for your Hyundai. Explore the Burlington Hyundai Tire Store below!

Quality Tires in Burlington, Ontario

Whether you want to give your Hyundai a quick facelift, or need a new set of winter tires, the Burlington Hyundai Tire Store should be the first place you look! We offer a range of genuine Hyundai tires and rims, along with some of the best aftermarket tires available—and they’re all priced to move.

Our easy-to-use Tire Finder just needs to know your make, model, and year, and it’ll provide the best options for your vehicle. From there, you can contact Burlington Hyundai and we’ll handle the rest! Just another way our Ontario dealership better serves our community.

Why You Need Winter Tires

From better control and stopping power, to greater longevity, putting winter tires on your Hyundai vehicle is a smart and safe choice. Protect your investment—as well as whoever’s along for the ride—by swapping out your winter tires, the earlier the better.

Featuring unique tread patterns and made from special rubber compounds that differ from summer or all-season tires, winter tires can handle lower temperatures—meaning that they won’t freeze up and lose their ability to grip the road, ensuring better traction and stopping power. It’s a small price to pay to stay safe, and Burlington Hyundai does everything in our power to make that price even smaller by offering regular promotions on our extensive selection of tires—just search our Tire Specials below!

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